November’s “5 fast to” is with no less than Jan Erik Granbo, who is an incredibly salmon fisherman and fly caster. If you have seen his movies you will also know how good he is, and in my eyes he is Norway’s best fly caster and one of Scandinavia’s best.

Therefore, it was also a huge pleasure that he wrote back that he wanted to help make “5 fast to Jan Erik Granbo. We have written together afterwards to get it all in place and I sensed pretty quickly that he is just a very kind and helpful man. This is also evident in his films, where feel his passion for salmon fishing and fly casting. An incredibly helpful, friendly and humorous person.

Below you can read 5 fast to Jan Erik Granbo

  1. When did your angling start and why did it become fly fishing?
  • I started with flyfishing when I was 10 years old, I also catch my first salmon on fly this year(1975). I grow up in a beatifull area in Trondheim where we have a salmon river and good trout fishing very close to our house. The first years I fish both salmon and trout, but in the age of 15 I fish more and more salmon. I choose salmon because I like that fishing better and better and of course the size of the fish was very exiting. I fish in river Orkla, Gaula og Nidelva my first 10 years as flyfisher.
  1. What it’s been like to be a guide by mighty gaula ?
  • From about I was 20 years old I fish more and more in River Gaula. So I Learn the secret for catching salmon in that river, over about 15 years periode I fish in many different places in the valley. Then I started to do casting classes, flyfishing schools and also guiding people by the river. I do guiding in many different pools at that time. Its realy nice to guide people and help them catch salmons and learn more about casting and fishing.
  1. To help make some really good fishing movies, how has it been and success with them?
  • You must have a good plan for what you want with the movie, I always like to try to inspired people to try flyfishing after salmon. I also try to give them some good vice so they can learn more, both fishing strategies and flycasting. My differents movies have all a good plan, and I choose to use a long time for the filming. That will always give a better results, I use the company Mountain Media from Sweden, and Jussi Sjølund was a professional camera – man and a very good flyfisher so he now what I want to get on film. The success for me was very good, I sold about 10 000 dvd, but many more have seen the films today, and they are still popular. Now you can see them on youtube, on my soons chanel ther(Steffen Granbo). Many fishermans have give me lot of good comments about the films, and many people have visit me on my flyfishing school and casting classes because this dvd`s.
  1. Which fly fisherman setup do you love most and go along with by the river, and what are you weighing in on in your choice?
  • I have 3 differents setups I must have during the sesong, 2 differents dobbelhand rod, One in 14 feet in class # 9-10 for bigger river and higher water level, the next is a 12,9 class # 7-8 for smaller river an lower water condition. The lines I use is sinking lines when the rivers is bigger and colder. And I also fish a lot with Multi tip lines, where I like to have a float/sink combination, that lines I use when I fish in medium to lower water condition. The last rod is a single handed in 10 feet class # 7, because I love to fish with a single handed rod in a summer water lever in the different rivers. I fish often dry flyes and with small flies, its very exiting to try to catch big salmon on a single handed rod. All of this rods are from Guideline, and the NT8 series.
  1. What is a good fishing day, and deepen it like?
  • A good fishing day are a day that you have learn some more about flyfishing after salmon, maybe a new fly pattern came up, or a new flyline combination help you to catch a salmon under some difficults condition. And if you can cheer this experience with a good friend, and have a coffee cup together with the friend beside the river. Well, that is for me a good day in the end of the fly rod. It always nice to learn more about the salmon and the flyfishing. 

A huge thank you to Jan Erik Granbo for helping to make this mini portrait of him. If you want to read more about him or watch his videos, you can do so on www.granbo-flyfishing.no or on youtube and instagram, write on these two media Granbo Flyfishing.


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