Month fly no.1 in April is the fly called ” BROWNIE”

This fly have I created as a part of my knowledge to the River Mandal. The red butt and tail is a hug point, and with the copper midge flash in the wing, it gives the fly the perfect style, which I prefer. I really like the small fibers the midge flash has, its so fine to work with, and also in a tail like schrimp and snelda flies.

Some has send my a e-mail, and asked my about why I in my lates fly use racoon as wing. Its because I find it best, when you should had a little narrow fly.

Here is the tying pattern and under you can see a nice step by step on the fly.

Enjoy – Michael Olsen –

  • Hook: Double hook size 8 from The Fly Co
  • Tag: Golden tinsel and red floss from The Fly Co
  • Butt: Red flouro fiber from The Fly Co
  • Body: Brown/red holo. tinsel from The Fly Co
  • Rib: Red ultra wire utc from The Fly Co
  • Wing 1: Feirry brown racoon from The Fly Co
  • Flash 1: Golden midge flash from The Fly Co
  • Wing 2: Black raccon from The Fly Co
  • Flash 2: Black midge flash from The Fly Co
  • Front Hackel: Orange guinea fowl from The Fly Co
  • Head: Red Veevus thread 14/0 from The Fly Co