The Sone Bjåhylen stretches from a little north of the old ferry route and the house man Bjåhylen. In the south, the stretch extends slightly north of the outskirts of Kleveland. The sun covers both sides of Mandalselva and has a total strand zone of about 3400 meters. Rod limit is 3.

Arrival along land is easiest on the east side but can also be reached from some parts of the west side. The zone stretches along a relatively quiet area in the river with the Nodehylen in the upper part.

With the Environmental Design project in 2016, the electricity flow has been processed in some places with a view to a faster rise in salmon with more speed on the water than before. Plants have been laid in several places as well as grout groves and breeding areas for smolt. Bjåhylen has long traditions for good salmon fishing.

If you want to fish from the east side, drive in from RV 455 at Strædet, over Haugedalsbroa, turn right along the river and you will be able to access the zone. No doorway at the farm at Kleveland.

Parking at designated location. There is no toilet in the area but only about 5 min by car to Lax Center. It is the sign at both ends of the zones visible from the shore.

Prize 600 Nkr. from 18.00 to 18.00

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