I have tried a lot of dubbing twisters, ranging from the small standard to 50 dkr. at Korsholm.dk to turbo twister for 139 dkr. Really many who produce these, but after 1000 tied flies they no longer functional. Where they twister to 139 kr, do not manage the test are in the spin section.

Therefore, after wearing 3 of these, I was looking for a more durable solution. C & F Design showed I had a twister, but was it better at the price of 399 dkr.

After tied over 1500 flies with CF Twister, it still looks like new. Its spin-wheel, which gives the perfect rotation, so the dubbing is spun well, also has no signs of wear after so many flies.

Therefore, I just have to admit that currently, I have not experienced a twister that is as durable as C & F Rotary Twister plus.