Sone Klevelandsfossen stretches from Klevelandsbro and down to Zone 3 at Laudal.

The stretch has a roaring river with some big stones, deep jetties and rest areas for the salmon. The stretch changes significantly at different water levels and provides challenging and exciting fishing experiences.

In the Environmental Design project in 2016, the salmon staircase under Klevelandsbora was removed. This did not work satisfactorily for the salmon and prevented the rise. Elveløpet upstream of Klevelandsbroa is now restored and almost returned to the original wild river that we wish to have. Downstream bridge is the river run as wild and beautiful as in untidy times. A fishing spot called “on the waterfall” was considered one of the best fishing spots in the past.

Parking at Klevelandsbroa. There is no toilet in the area but only about 5 min by car to Lax Center. It is the sign at both ends of the zones visible from the shore.