This version of the Black Shrimp is a derivative af Ally´s Shrimp, and are a great autumn pattern, although this fly work also great in the spring.

In Mandal river orange/black are good combination , so this is a great bid on a great shrimp pattern. I remember 4 years ago where I sat on the bench at Storeøye, and chatted with a friendly Dane. He told me that the day before, he had caught a salmon of 6.5 kg, just out where we sat and talked. I asked if I cut to see which fly he had the fantastic experience with, it was a fly with orange body and a black wing, and we talked about his fight with this salmon, and I were very happy about the happiness he experienced.

Under the pictures you can see the fly tying pattern.

The flytying tying pattern MONTH FLY JULY – BLACK SHRIMP:

  • Tail: Long black bucktail with strands of black midge flash.
  • Rib: Oval silver tinsel.
  • Rear body: Orange floss.
  • Centre hackle: orange pheasant rump
  • Front body: Black floss
  • Front hackle: Black over yellow hen
  • Head: Black veevus 14/0

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