I am extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to receive the original pattern on the legendary Fuglestveitflue, which Harly Petersen sent me in 2018. It’s a fly as incredibly good by the Mandal river year after year. It was the Dane Bent Mørk who made this fly for the Mandal river, and Bent is a legend of this Norwegian river. He lives in southern Norway where he remains to be found at the river bank every year, plus then he tying the flies you can buy at the Marnar Salmon Center. The colour combination can certainly also be used for other rivers in Norway or countries.

The Fly tying pattern:

  • Tag: Red wool yarn
  • Butt: Påfugle strå
  • Body: Silver tinsel
  • Rib: Xs silver tinsel
  • Underwing: Red feather
  • Wing: Black raccoon or black polar fox over white
  • Jungle cock
  • Head: Black

I use all time materials to my month flies from: